EpcReporter.Net 3.1

EPC Reporter is ecmk's desktop application designed to manage a DEA's workload
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PC Reporter is ecmk's desktop application designed to manage a DEA's workload. The software has been streamlined to provide rapid entry and review of RdSAP data. The application contains an embedded version of ecmk's approved RdSAP calculation engine which can generate preview EPCs at the click of a button without relying on an internet connection.

Once the Assessor is happy with the certificate it can be sent via the internet to ecmk's Accreditation Portal where it will be lodged at the central register. At this point the completed EPC will be returned to EPC Reporter and stored in the database against the survey information for future reference. The certificate can be e-mailed directly from EPC Reporter to clients.

EPC Reporter can also be used to manage a team of remote DEAs. Work instructions can be generated within the application and then sent via ecmk's Accreditation portal to a remote DEA for completion. Once the certificate has been produced the completed EPC and a copy of all the survey data and calculation results is pulled back into the EPC Reporter database for centralised access.

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